Submissive? in London?

You may be surprised to know how popular this service is in London. There is even a review that shows the escort services in London are more common than you could ever imagine.

In a small search you can find at the reach of a click or a phone call the submissive professional you are looking for, and the best not too far from your neighborhood.

But first, what is a submissive?

A submissive is a professional who has developed the art of being the one who quits control in a BDMS situation. These 4 letters stand for bondage, discipline, dominance, submission and sadomasochism activities. These activities are mostly related to a dominant, the one who commands; and a submissive, the one who obeys.

In the submissive role the person must follow the rules, the instructions given or play the role the dominant has disposed for the submissive to do. Being a little more specific, the dominant may ask for anything and the submissive must do it. In this environment the submissive will be punished if she doesn’t follow the rules.

The activities performed may go from role play (student, slave, pet, secretary) to servitude. The punishments may go from physical (spanking, flogging, caning, slapping) to psychological chastisement. All the activities must be consent by both parts. A MUST in the BDMS is to establish a “safe” word. This is a word used to avoid the participants to go beyond the limits of the submissive, avoiding hurting the other and ensuring safe pleasure.

Going on with this topic, there are some independent submissive and there are submissive that work for agencies. Please keep in mind the dominant submissive services do not specifically cover or include intercourse. If you are going to include it in the session, make sure the person is over 18 and is not forced to perform this against her will. If these are not the conditions you better avoid being part of the game, it may turn out to be even illegal.

This experience may be done by single or couple submissive, it all depends on the fantasy. It also depends on the desired experience, what are the toys and accessories to be used. In the submissive sessions there may be involved canes, floggers, restraining devices between others.

The places to live this experience go from a hotel, a club, one of the participants’ houses to special places called dungeons or chambers.

Going back to London, if you want to be part of a full BDMS experience, you can search for, and visit a dungeon. The dungeon or chamber is a place that has the most common devices and accessories for the BDMS sessions. There are even some chambers in London which may be booked for couples or by professional escorts and their clients.

Some of these London dungeons show on their page, what the service includes. Let`s mention some of the elements you may find. Starting from the basic: they provide lubricant, wipes, condoms tissues, gloves and towels. Going a little further, some of this dungeons can offer a recording service from the session, or may allow you devices to take the pictures or the video of you session. But, as there may be some specific situations, these facilities may have equipment to perform bondage: all kind of restraining devices may be available, ropes, leather, latex cuff. Also to apply discipline, there may be paddles, floggers and canes.  If your fantasy is related to medical situations they may display vintage chair, stool and medical trolley. If what you like is to be treated as a baby they may set for you baby chairs, clothing, pacifiers, mitts, bottle, nappies, changing mat and toys. When you want to experience a forced feminization they can provide, clothing, high heels, wigs and make up.

They claim to be really neat and tidy. Some of these dungeons may have a bathroom and a kitchen. Try to think on what you may need the most, and make it available for you to create the perfect scenery for a full BDMS session.

Going back to the submissive search, there are too many pages showing the girls available who like to play the submissive role in a professional level. You just have to write the word “submissive in London” and the search will display about nine millions results. What matters the most on your search is to verify as best as possible the page quality and management. In this case extra precautions won’t be wasted.

When you surf on those pages you will find all kind of girl’s profiles. They go from light submissive (light spanking) to hardcore submissive (caning, anal, breath control, electro stimulation; just to mention some) to high profile submissive.  If there is a specific profile or appearance you are looking for? Be sure you will find the submissive that suits as best as possible all your requests.

A very common image on these pages is a hot ass naked or slightly covered with the hottest lingerie. There are such pretty submissive showing their buttocks, because this submissive role is widely related to punishment and spanking. The words control, obey, master, serve and please,  punished, dominant, bent over and humiliated, naughty are the most common request professional submissive are willing to take. It is up to you to find who is the right one to live your fantasy and discover new boundaries.

Set and appointment and feel free to explore. Take your submissive to dungeon and tie her up, spank her. Ask her to bring your beer walking on her knees; treat her as a pet, that must obey to your commands “sit down, stand up, lay here, lick here”; play the naughty Doctor and having her restrained explore her pussy, check her boobs to prove they are “healthy” massage them, pinch them. Take some rope and tied her up make her follow you around the room as your loyal companion.

What comes into your mind may be performed with both consent. London offers a huge list of submissive escort professionals, contact them by mail or phone, you are a click away from living an awesome experience, where? In London.